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The Latest Web Design Trends in the UK

The Latest Web Design Trends in the UK

The world of web design is constantly changing and evolving. With so many different sites competing for our attention at the same time, your website needs to make an immediate impact on your visitors. However, it’s not just content that needs updating.

The look and feel of your website also needs to be updated regularly to keep it looking fresh and relevant, and so you don’t fall behind any potential competitors. Want to get your website up to date but not quite sure where to start? Here are a few of the latest Web design trends in the UK to give you some ideas. 

Go bold with Typography

One of the latest trends in web design is for big, bold lettering which creates dramatic impact. This trend also applies to other design aspects, including full-screen images and videos as well as menu options. This dramatic approach communicates your message with customers quickly and efficiently and makes a dramatic impression.

Large images also look great on a range of different devices. If you’re thinking about trying this trend you may want to keep other design elements to a minimum so that the visuals make the maximum impact without your webpage feeling cluttered.

Inject a splash of colour

Over the last few years we’ve seen more and more websites getting adventurous with their use of colour. The latest trend is to have blocks of bright colour in different shapes and sizes. If you run a creative business this is a great way of showcasing your originality.

Using photos, videos, graphics or text in each section it’s a simple way for site visitors to follow nuggets of information. Try to use the same sized shapes across the website so that it looks deliberate rather than just thrown together. If you have a colour scheme try to make a reference to the main colours in that to keep it looking cohesive and make sure all your visuals also go together. 


One of the most effective ways to capture the attention of visitors to your website is to include some form of animation. Our eyes naturally focus on movement so this can be a great way of drawing attention to important elements on your page.

In addition to including video on auto-play you can also incorporate some subtler design elements such as scrolling typography, and micro-animations which pay when we hover the mouse over them. There are tons of way of grabbing your visitors attention using animation. However, it’s important to note that it is best used sparingly so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Utilize negative space

Compared to a decade ago websites nowadays tend to have a lot more whitespace, otherwise known as negative space. This is blank space in between design elements and text. It also includes the spacing between lines or columns of text and the space around images and margins. It may seem that this is not the best use of space, however using just the right amount of whitespace can elevate the feel of your website and transform it from cluttered and chaotic, to ordered and peaceful. Whitespace can be any colour you like so it can be in-keeping with the rest of your design and colour scheme. 

Custom illustrations

Any good website is ultimately telling a story, and like any good story it needs some illustrations. This may not be appropriate for every website but depending on your business commissioning the right illustration can be really effective at communicating a message to your consumers. Whether you’re running a family restaurant and want your website to reflect cosy home-cooked vibes, or if you’re a boutique shop owner selling one-of-a-kind gifts, having the right illustration could make an enormous impact. 

Divided page

If you have a lot of information to convey in a small space but still want a clean uncluttered look it’s worth considering having a split screen down the middle of your page.

Having more than one box for your content means you can fit in double the amount, and if you really want to push the boat out you can feature funky animations or scrolling effects so that each section looks unique. Make sure the content on both sides of the page complements each other and isn’t too overwhelming. It’s a good idea to have a banner or a logo which connects the two elements and brings them together for a unified look.

With rapidly changing trends and so many different design elements to choose from choosing the right web design in UK for your business can be tricky. At Webential we’re experts at finding the right web design in UK for you so that your business in the UK can flourish. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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