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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has transformed the marketing industry in the 21st century. It uses the Internet, email, smartphones, social media, Google and paid advertising to locate and connect with customers. In the digital age, it is now an essential part of any modern business and can be the quickest and cheapest way to build brand awareness and grow your business. If your customers are online you need to be there too.


The move to digital marketing has helped many small businesses compete with larger corporations as digital marketing is often now more affordable than traditional marketing. With a limited budget, you can still make a huge impact by sending out direct emails or running a paid social media advertising campaign.

Build your brand

Your website and social media channels are your virtual shopfront and a well-designed slick website with a blog and engaging social media channels can be an effective way to build your brand and attract customers.

Good return on investment

Nothing matters more to a business than the return on the investment it makes. Digital marketing campaigns offer substantial returns on even small investments. In particular, running campaigns on social media or email campaigns cost relatively little compared to traditional marketing and often have more of an impact as they connect with people where they already spend a lot of time online.


Running online marketing campaigns allows you to quickly discover the success of a campaign. Email marketing software can tell you if customers have opened their emails and it is easy to find out conversion rates.


When you run a digital marketing campaign you can see in real-time how successful it is and make tweaks and changes as you go along. If an ad campaign is performing well it is easy to invest more in it or keep it running for longer. Similarly, if an ad is not performing as anticipated it can be adjusted accordingly or stopped altogether quickly and effortlessly.


Some marketing campaigns are reliant on very specific targeting of customers. Digital marketing allows this to be done easily and quickly particularly with online adverts and advertising on social media which allows you to break down populations into segments so that you can efficiently target your products to the people who are your ideal customers. This also helps keep costs down as well as increasing the likelihood of sales.


Digital marketing means you’re free from the old constrictions of local marketing, now you can send your messaging all over the world at the click of a button. This also helps provide a more democratic platform for small start-ups to compete with big businesses thanks to the global nature of marketing via digital platforms.

Better Engagement

With digital marketing, you can help build a strong bond with customers through social media, newsletters, social media and your website. It gives you the means to see what your customers are looking at and tailor your business to better meet their needs. By entering into a dialogue on social media you can answer customer questions directly and build relationships whilst learning vital information about your consumers.

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