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Content Rules

Content Rules

Web content writing is a different ball game entirely, as there are a lot of things to consider before you get it right. Here’s a piece of information from Webential that might surprise you, it’s not just humans that go through your websites, there are bots called search engine spiders that roam the entire web. Their job is to look for keyword related pages that they can index in their database. Page word count, keyword density, meta tags, words used in links and several other factors are what search engines seek out.

The joy of creating a website with plans of delivering amazing content to your waiting audience is unrivalled. Most site owners hit a snag after the first set of content as their content is either not generating the expected buzz or they simply run out of steam after a while. Content writing requires a unique set of skills before you can achieve success. This starts from a relevant, and catchy headline to a read list that’s easy to scan. Better still, a content that emphasizes key benefits and keywords works best.

Your primary focus should be writing a copy that your site visitors can scan and understand. The reason is that users tend to get bored quickly and would skip any content that’s filled with blocks of text.

When an article lacks the above-listed tactics, the content would come up bland and would not generate anticipated results. This is the primary problem most website owners face. So how do you overcome this problem as a site owner? Here are a few tips from Webential that could help you:

Your Content Should Align With Your Business Goals

Your content should be in line with delivering the mission of your business. The primary aim of setting up your website was for you to make money and content marketing is one way to achieve this. This means that any content you generate must take you a step closer to your business goals. Take for example you’re a fashion company, any content that would be on your website should be related to fashion one way or the other. Otherwise, you won’t be able to generate leads, let alone converting them. When this happens, you’re inadvertently losing traffic and money.

Keyword Optimization

Every single digital marketing tactic you employ revolves around keywords. Starting from social media sharing, content optimization, link building to sending newsletters to your target audience. Using keywords is a vital tool that can help you reach your audience. This is the reason keyword optimization is must when developing your content.
To write effective content, you have to incorporate optimized keywords into your articles as it can improve your search engine page visibility. In addition, it can also improve your ranking which would help drive traffic to your site. If you use the right keywords, you get to address the needs of your customer directly.

Content Optimization

This is the process of ensuring your content/article is written to reach a large percentage of your target audience. To achieve this, you have to ensure the content is filled with adequate and related keywords.
You also have to add title and meta tags, as well as relevant links to your content. Additionally, your headlines should also be optimized to increase Click-Through Rates, and you have to add visual images to increase user engagement.

If most of these terms sound alien or too cumbersome for you, there’s no need to worry. Webential is here to help you. We specialize in creating content that contains everything we’ve talked about and more, which would make sure you get the right traffic to your site that would increase engagement and sales.

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